Procrastination is horrible.  It creates anxiety.  It muddles our brains.  It has us doing all sorts of trivial things – just to avoid doing what we know needs to get done.  
But what exactly is happening during procrastination?  

The main issue is what is called the Procrastination ‘Doom Loop’, that horrible cycle of waiting for the right mood to come along before you tackle a project and then realizing that the waiting has only put you in a worse mood than before.  An article by the Atlantic monthly* provided some key insights into the problem and, even better, a solution.  

So how do you break free from the Doom Loop?
Their chief piece of advice was a simple, two-step process.  First, recognize that you need deadlines.  Second, have someone else provide those deadlines.
“For pathological procrastinators, recognizing that we need deadlines to bind ourselves to our responsibilities is the first step. The second step is recognizing that our own deadlines are less effective than other people’s deadlines.”
If you have been delaying getting the business development help you need, you’re not alone. Business owners are notorious for putting off the long-term critical work that is needed to build a solid company.  They become swamped with all the projects they must complete, trapped in a host of mini ‘Doom Loops’ until finally, years later, they wake up to the realization that large sections of their business have been neglected.
The unfortunate truth is that things will not get better on their own – and your mood won’t change by magic.  If you find yourself in this situation, follow their advice – set deadlines and get someone else to hold you accountable.  

* The Procrastination Doom Loop – and How To Break It