1. Want to Grow? Here are 3 Tips

    Every small business owner says they want to grow.  But what kind of growth do they really want?  Accidental growth?  Growth by luck?   Of course not.  They want sustained, predictable growth.  Growth that allows them to keep their promises to their customers while also increasing their bottom line.  In other words, they want good growth. But how do you create good growth?  Here are 3 …Read More

  2. 3 Ways To Turn Frustrations Into Business Gold

    Why do we always view frustrations as a bad thing?  The truth is that getting frustrated over something can be a great help for your business.  But you have to see it in the right way.  Here are 3 ways to turn frustrations into Business Gold. Frustrations happens when you can't reach a goal.  So what's so great about that?  It means that you are heading somewhere - that you are not just sitt…Read More

  3. Is There an Easy Way to Fire Employees?

    A friend told me a horror story of recent layoffs within her company.  The lead manager called everyone in for a big dinner to thank them for their work.  After praising their efforts, he then let them know that he had fired 3 of their co-workers an hour before.  They were in shock.  He followed up his announcement by noting that this was very hard for him (tears were involved!) but he had to…Read More

  4. Start Tomorrow Right – The Night Before

    Successful entrepreneurs follow routines.  These daily work habits allow them to focus their energy and be productive.  But did you ever think of how your evening routines might be hindering your work performance the next day?  Entrepreneur.com writer Jayson Demers* identified a few critical ways that we can use tonight to have a better day tomorrow (HT: Fortis Coaching Client - Larry Lane…Read More

  5. Is There a Magic Pill For Business Success?

    The business world is filled with tips, gimmicks, and guidelines for growing your business without sacrifice - just like the weight loss industry that continually offers up the next new "magic pill" for shedding pounds quickly (and without effort).  The truth of the matter, however, is that to have long-lasting business success, the tried-and-true methods should always be considered first.  What…Read More

  6. Do NOT Get a Business Coach

    Not every company should use a business coach.  When a company decides to use a business coach they are saying they are ready to take their company to the next level and not every company is ready for that.  Bringing in a business coach is a deeply personal decision and must be made with care and thoughtfulness. You must truly be at that point in your business that you want to make a change. O…Read More

  7. Using Presentations to Build Your Brand

    Presentations are a great way to build your brand and establish yourself as an authority in your market.  They do, however, present some challenges. Here are a few things that will make a difference: 1. Do a rehearsal- Go a day before and check everything out at the location.  Talk to the folks at the venue and make sure they understand how you want the room to be setup and do a practice run…Read More

  8. What Really Scares You About Your Business?

    Fear Paralyzes Have you ever considered your business fears?  Really, honestly looked your fears straight in the eye? Often times we are too scared to face our fears head on.  Fears, by definition, are powerful and controlling.  They seem to loom over us and become larger than life. Who would want to face those things? Unfortunately, those same fears are often holding us back from achieving …Read More

  9. Breaking the Procrastination ‘Doom Loop’

    Procrastination is horrible.  It creates anxiety.  It muddles our brains.  It has us doing all sorts of trivial things – just to avoid doing what we know needs to get done.   But what exactly is happening during procrastination?  The main issue is what is called the Procrastination 'Doom Loop’, that horrible cycle of waiting for the right mood to come along before you tackle a project …Read More

  10. What is the Secret Recipe for Small Business Growth?

    Have you ever wished there was a Secret Recipe for growing your small business?  There just might be something that is close.  In the recently published State of the Business Owner report*, a key habit was identified that, when followed faithfully, resulted in businesses having 60% faster revenue growth.  What was it? The report called it the Two Days for Growth rule.   The rule stated th…Read More