Fear Paralyzes

Have you ever considered your business fears?  Really, honestly looked your fears straight in the eye?

Often times we are too scared to face our fears head on.  Fears, by definition, are powerful and controlling.  They seem to loom over us and become larger than life. Who would want to face those things? Unfortunately, those same fears are often holding us back from achieving our vision and realizing our dreams.  But what exactly are fears?

Fears can come in many shapes and sizes.  And what often makes fears so powerful is that they all have an element of the unknown.  Especially when you are facing a critical decision.  Then your mind tends to run wild with all the possible scenarios that could happen.

If I do X (or Y, or Z), I could go bankrupt, my employees could all quit, my vendors will leave me, my customers won’t come back, and on and on and on.  Since the future is unknown, our fears take advantage of that and generate endless scenarios – all of which end badly for us.

You can even fear becoming successful.  You can fear that you won’t be able to handle the growth, or the expectations, or the additional visibility.  You can fear that things will change too much or too fast.  And, of course, in every business, there are all those unimaginable disasters that can hit a company, that seem to strike from nowhere – a government audit, the death of a key employee, a natural disaster.

All of these fears can paralyze and severely damage, if not destroy, a company and you.  They can make you hesitate when you should be decisive.  They can make you overreact when patience is required.  But how do you conquer fear?  How do you stay calm in the chaos?

Light Illuminates

Have you ever been afraid of the dark in your own bedroom?  Little kids are especially prone to this fear.  Even though it may be the most familiar room in the world to them, they still can get scared when the light goes out at night.  The solution.  A simply night light.  A little beam of light that exposes the cracks and corners of their bedroom.  And that is how you should face your business fears.

Start shining a little light on them.  Then turn on the full lights.  Bring them out into the sun.  Look at them from every angle.  Bring in experts who have studied the problem.  Discuss it with your employees.  The LAST thing you want to do is keep it in the dark.  For it will only grow larger and more terrifying.

Of course, this approach will never eliminate every fear (the future is filled with too many unknowns for that to happen) but it is the first and most critical step.  The best part is that not only will this approach enable you to start facing your own fears, you will be setting an example to your employees on how to face theirs.