The Best Sale is No Sale At All

I’m interested!  I’ll take it!  I love it!

If you’re in business, this is your dream sale.  No selling, just a responsive, confident customer, the right product and an inevitable sale.

But more often than not, selling isn’t that easy.  Trying to convince someone to do something they may not want to do is work.  And that’s what selling usually feels like – convincing, cajoling, and struggling against resistance.

So how do you get from desperate selling to a dream sale?  The first thing you do is STOP selling.  Selling is about the seller and focuses on your need.  When that happens, you’ve forgotten about the customer.

Instead, think about the products and services from your customers’ perspective.  After all, you’re in this together.  You need their purchase to grow your business, and they need products and relationships that gratify them.

When you forget about the sale and look for ways you can satisfy your customers’ needs, the sale – when it comes – will be the inevitable result of giving your customers what they need to make the best decision for themselves.  

Creating Customers, Not Sales 

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