Successful entrepreneurs follow routines.  These daily work habits allow them to focus their energy and be productive.  But did you ever think of how your evening routines might be hindering your work performance the next day? writer Jayson Demers* identified a few critical ways that we can use tonight to have a better day tomorrow (HT: Fortis Coaching Client – Larry Lane).

1. Review Your Day – Look back on your day.  What progress did you make (or not make)?  What did you let get in your way?  As Demers noted, “Ben Franklin was famous for his rigorous routines and schedules. He ended each carefully mapped day by asking one single question, ‘What good did I do today?'” 

2. Set Clear Boundaries – Our work life needs a daily end point.  Set up rules that put a boundary on your work day.  Do something completely different (take a walk, have dinner with your family, listen to a book on the commute home) to decompress and put your work life up on the shelf for the night.

3. Establish 3 Priorities – Decide tomorrow’s agenda the night before.  Identify 3 things that you will definitely get done.  You’ll wake up with a clear plan for action.

4. Master Your Sleep Ritual – Business owners are notorious for not getting enough sleep.  This has a tremendous negative impact on your performance.  So establish a sleep routine that ensures you get enough sleep to feel refreshed in the morning.  These should include going to sleep at the same time and not watching TV in bed.

If you have horrible night time habits, these rules will be challenging to put in place.  So start with just one rule a week.  Practice that rule rigorously.  Add a rule a week and, within a month, you will have all 4 in place.