The business world is filled with tips, gimmicks, and guidelines for growing your business without sacrifice – just like the weight loss industry that continually offers up the next new “magic pill” for shedding pounds quickly (and without effort).  The truth of the matter, however, is that to have long-lasting business success, the tried-and-true methods should always be considered first.  What are they?  Here are three key ‘S’ lessons:

  • Stay focused. Keeping your eye set to the future by setting goals and establishing benchmarks will help you remember on a day-to-day basis why you started your own business and what its success means to you. Real attainable goals allow you to truly measure the performance of both yourself and your employees.
  • Stick to what you know. There is a reason that Apple doesn’t dabble in bicycle production. It’s not where their expertise lies. When you try to be too many things to too many people, you lose that edge that you had honed throughout the years. Stick close to the heart of what the core of your business does and you’ll experience more growth as more potential customers become to realize that you are the expert in the field.
  • Share your passion. It truly is contagious. Show your enthusiasm to your clients, vendors and employees, on a daily basis, and they will soon start to buy into that passion. An employee who feels included in that passion feels more pride in their job which only produces a better quality product. And, of course, a client who feels passionate about your company is a repeat customer that refers you to others.

These three S’s are not easy but they do work.  Trust yourself to this process and the results will speak for themselves.  And, at all costs, avoid the gimmicks and get-rich-quick schemes.  They will make someone rich – it just won’t be you.