Have you ever wished there was a Secret Recipe for growing your small business?  There just might be something that is close.  In the recently published State of the Business Owner report*, a key habit was identified that, when followed faithfully, resulted in businesses having 60% faster revenue growth.  What was it?

The report called it the Two Days for Growth rule.   The rule stated that owners who spent at least 40% of their work week on marketing and sales grew at a rate nearly 3/5 faster than their fellow business owners.  Of course, on the surface that may seem a bit obvious.  Spending 2 days a week on marketing and sales would naturally lead to higher revenue growth.

But who has time to spend 2 entire days a week working on those things?  Most business owners are lucky to spend 2 hours a week! They are usually so swamped dealing with existing customers and putting out fires that they never have a chance to think about future customers (except late at night when they are worrying about it.)  As the report showed, however, there are business owners who do follow the rule.  

So how do those businesses find so much time to work on Sales and Marketing?  Simply put, they have systems in place that ensure existing customers are taken care of.  Finance systems to keep track of their money.  Management systems to hire the right people and make sure they are doing the right job.  Branding systems to ensure they have a consistent message to their clients.  Delivery systems to ensure their customers get the same great experience each and every time.  And, at the center of your company, they have Leadership systems so their employees know where they are going and how they plan on getting there.

But how do you build those foundational systems?  One way, of course, is to go through the long and arduous process of trial and error.  This is still no guarantee of results and, while you are experimenting, your existing work could dry up.  The other alternative is to get the right kind of help.  Someone who has been in your shoes and knows your pain.  Someone who has the tried and true methods to help you quickly build systems that fit your company.  And someone who will hold you accountable.

Fortis Coaching, can help you build those systems.  We understand how hard it can be to think about the future when the present is so challenging.  We have the experience, passion and commitment to help businesses just like yours realize their vision.  So take that first step.  Contact us and have an honest discussion about your business.

*To read more details about the report go to www.stateofthebusinessowner.com